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After Contact Work


After Contact Work boosts agents’ productivity by allowing them to fill out wrap-up codes and interaction notes during and after each call, chat, and agent task.

Using the NEON Admin app, admins can easily customise wrap-up codes to fit the specific needs of their contact centre, by assigning codes to different queues.

– When After Contact Work is enabled for your contact centre, Agents can fill out interaction notes during or after an interaction.

– If ACW is enabled and wrap up codes are configured for a queue, Agents can also select a wrap up code during or after an interaction.

– If there are no wrap up codes configured for a queue, the wrap up code dropdown will be disabled.


In a connected task

NEON desktop and softphone view with available wrap up codes:

In After Contact Work

ACW when there are no available wrap up codes, and ACW can be skipped


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