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Availability Status


  • Click the Download Logs to download the agent logs.
  • Click Sign Out to log out from NEON.

Agent status

  • Changing agent status can be done from either the top menu or the agent task window

Status Available

  • When the status is Available, you are ready to start receiving tasks such as calls, chats and agent tasks.

Status Busy

  • You will automatically be placed in Busy state whilst currently working on a task such as on a call with a customer.
  • Alternatively, you can set yourself to Busy status manually. 
  • When the status is Busy, you will not be able to receive new incoming tasks.

Status Offline

  • When the status is Offline, you will not be able to receive incoming tasks.

Custom Status

  • You can also choose custom statuses such as lunch in the screenshot and can see how long you have been in the current custom status from the away time in the menu bar.

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