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Agent Tasks


An agent task is a unit of work that an agent must complete. This includes work that may have originated in external applications. It’s routed, prioritised, assigned, and tracked just like voice and chat. Agents handle tasks in their Agent Workspace, again just like any other contact.


When assigned a task, agents see a notification with the description of the task, information associated with the task, and links to any applications that they might need to complete the task. The following image shows what an agent’s workspace may look like when they manage tasks.

Agents can filter tasks by clicking on the filter button.

Creating an Agent Task

An agent can create a new agent task by clicking the “create a task” button within the inspiration modal.

When the inspiration modal is minimised, an agent can create a task by clicking the “create a task” icon.

Add A New Agent Task

  • The following fields will be displayed in a pop-up window:
  • Name – Title of the task
  • Description – Detail of what the task is and information to help the agent to complete the task
  • References – task Reference name and the URL to the Real-time details page
  • Queue – This assigns the task to a queue
  • Agent – Assign the task directly to an agent
  • Date/Time – Set the date & time for the task to commence (Note: If date/time is left empty and the agent clicks save, the task will be scheduled immediately otherwise the task will commence at the set date and time.)

After Task Work

After an agent has completed a task, they will enter into the After Task Work state.

Whilst in the After Task Work state, the agent can complete Campaign Type & Wrap up Code.

You will be able to see the time the Task commenced and the duration of the Task.

Create a callback Agent task

Click on Create a callback button whilst in the After Contact work state

Fill in callback details, assign to an agent or queue and schedule date & time for the callback to occur

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