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Interaction History

Opening Interaction History

Click the InteractionHistory link in the side panel.


  1. The date range of the contacts you want to search.
  2. First and last name of the contact. Not Known will both appear for first name and last name if the contact is not registered in your contact list.
  3. Phone number of the contact. Anonymous will appear if the number is not registered in one of your contacts.
  4. The type of interaction the contact made.
  5. The time when the contact was made.
  6. Directly call the contact if the phone number is registered in one of your contacts.

Searching Your Interaction History

Select the calendar icon under the From and To date.

Select the start date for the search from the pop-up window.

Select To date when you want the search to end (7 days is the maximum number of days for the search).


Contacts made during the date range selected should appear in the Interaction History.

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