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Call Recording Control


With Call Recording Control, agents have the ability to manage call recordings during every call or conference. We can config in the admin app to enable or disable customer recordings.

Config in the admin App

Login to the admin app > Setting > Agent.

It is essential to set up call recording within the contact flow. Failure to configure it in the contact flow will result in an error message when attempting to use it in the NEONNOW agent application.

Admins can show/ hide call recording controls at any time by setting the attribute NEONNOW_CALL_RECORDING to “true” or “false”.

Please note: contact attributes will override the Call Recording Control setting in the admin app.

After it all set up in the contact flow, we can toggle on the Call Recording Control in the admin app.

After toggling it on, a prompt will appear asking you to verify that call recording is enabled in the contact flow.

Click ‘Enable’ then call recording will be toggled on.


This is how it looks on the agent app in a connected call.

Agents can pause the recording and resume the recording.

Agents can stop the recording.

After clicking “End Recording,’ the recording will be stopped, and it cannot be started again.


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