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Create an Instance

Create Neon Instance

Steps for instance creation

Add Instance

  • Click on + to add instance.

Instance Details

  • Choose a Tenant ID
    • The Tenant ID can be between 3 and 12 characters long.
    • It can contain only lower-case characters, numbers and hyphens.
    • It cannot begin/end with a hyphen.
  • Enter connect instance details and save them
    • Connect instance ARN and Connect login URL can be found in the Overview page of Amazon Connect as shown below.
    • Connect login name is the login name of the default admin user.Note: a user account is created for this user but other Neon users need to be invited by the default Admin user.
  • Choose Add Ons
  • Click on Continue


Create Deployment Roles

  • Click on Create Roles.
  • Wait until the roles are created, and when Ready, click on Create Instance.

Create Stack

  • A new tab will be opened
  • Click on Create Stack to start stack creation
    • Ensure the acknowledgment message has been ticked 

Instance Creation Status

  • A new page will open where the status of instance creation can be tracked

Note: you can leave this page and visit it later from the Instance page

Launch Instance

  • Once the instance has been created, it can be visited from Tenant page by clicking on Take Me There.
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