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Custom Schedules


Custom schedules allow your Amazon Connect contact flows to check whether the current day/time is in a specific schedule. For example, Custom schedules allow you to create a set of dates that will control certain behaviour, such as contact centre opening/closing.

To use custom schedules, you’ll need to trigger an AWS lambda function from your Amazon Connect contact flow with a few fields.

Custom Schedules Config

Admin can config Custom Schedules in the admin >settings>Operations.

Add a New Schedule

or you already have some custom schedules, click the “New Schedule” button to add a new schedule.

Click the “New Schedule” button to add a new schedule.

The configuration gives information about lambda ARN and the format of Lambda Body Parameters.

Note:  If any of the fields above are incorrect, or your parameter doesn’t exist, your contact flow will receive an error response.

Provide a name and description for the schedule and select your time zone and click Save.

Please note that the schedule name must be unique and can contain letters, numbers and – _ +

Now you should see the newly created schedule in the table.

To modify the schedule, simply click on the “…” option.

Click “Disable” to disable the schedule.

Click “Edit” to edit the schedule.

Click “Delete” to delete the schedule.

Click the corresponding schedule to add dates to the schedule.

Click “+” to add new dates. The default time frame is from midnight to midnight, but you can always set a custom time.

Click Save to save the dates.

Now you should see the dates in the table.

To modify the dates, simply click on the “…” option.

Once you add/modify the date, we can config the flows in Amazon Connect to test the custom schedules:

1 . In the Invoke AWS Lambda Function node:

  • Set the Timeout to 5 seconds
  • For Response validation, choose JSON.

2. In the Set Contact Attributes:

3. In the Check contact attributes:


4. If the check contact attributes equal true:

if it is “No Match”, play this prompt:


Afterwards, we can access the dashboard in Amazon Connect and use the chat channel to verify if the custom schedule for “Anzac Day” is active.

choose Test Settings and choose the contact flow you just created.

Click the icon to start a chat.

If the custom schedule matches the date, you will receive a message saying “Schedule Status is active”.

If not, you will receive a message saying “Schedule Status is not active”.

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