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Enabling/disabling Advanced Reports


What is Advanced Reports?

NEON Advanced Reports provide real-time and historical analytics to help you manage your contact centre. Our reporting platform is built on Amazon Web Services data. The reporting functionality enables the importing of any data source into your data sets, so you don’t need to limit your reporting to your contact centre information. You can merge other business information to create rich end-to-end business reports.

Enabling/disabling Advanced Reports

As an Admin User, you can either enable/disable all or individual QuickSight reports.

When turning off the Reports Feature, all the reports are turned off.

Dashboard ID

For each of the three reports: Performance Today, Analytics and Wallboard, admin can override them with a specific ID, meaning NEON will load that dashboard ID instead.

This ID is from QuickSight. By default, each dashboard has a unique uuid (but it can be set to anything when creating dashboards through the API).


An Admin can specify the QuickSight dashboard ID they want to use and override the NEON reports.

When turning off the override, and turning it back on, it remembers the previously entered Dashboard ID.



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