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Enabling/disabling After Contact Work


What is After Contact Work?

Typically, after a customer interaction or “contact” in a contact centre, the agent may have to wrap up the call by concluding the conversation, documenting any relevant information, and updating the customer’s account.

Enabling/disabling After Contact Work

  • Admin can toggle on/off to enable or disable the After Contact Work;


  • When ‘After Contact Work’ is turned off in the Admin App,  interaction Outcomes will also be disabled. i.e. “Wrap Up Codes and Groups” and “Can’t skip” will also be disabled.


  • When it is disabled, agents using the NEON app will be taken directly to the Agent Workspace page upon finishing a task, skipping the ‘After Contact’ stage.


  • When “After Contact Work” is enabled,  and the “Require Agents to Complete after each interaction(can’t skip)” is toggled on in the Admin app, it means agents using the NEON app must fill out wrap up Codes or Interaction Notes before they can close the contact.



Depending on how you configure ACW and interaction outcomes, your agent’s NEON experience will change. We’ve summarised the scenarios below:

Admin: After Contact Work Enabled

Admin: Interaction Outcomes Enabled

Admin: Agents Required To Complete ACW

Agent: Wrap Code / Notes Available On Tasks

Agent: ACW State

Agent: ACW Skip Button




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