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Word / Phrase Synonyms Definition
Amazon Connect Connect Instance, AWS Connect Amazon’s omnichannel cloud contact center.
Contact Center Instance An admin-created Neon workspace for use with a specific user group. This is also referred to as an instance.
Neon User User, Platform User, Agent, Neon Instance User A platform user (either admin or agent). Has access to a Neon Instance.
Connect User User, Agent A user that exists within Amazon Connect. Can optionally have access to one or more Neon instances.
CCP Contact Control Panel The Neon Contact Control Panel, which contains Amazon Connect related actions.
Metrics Group A collection of reportable metrics that can be used to generate reports. Relates to Routing Profiles and Queues on Amazon Connect.
Routing Profile A routing profile determines what types of contacts an agent can receive and the routing priority. Configured on Amazon Connect.
Queue A queue holds one or more contacts who have not yet been assigned to an agent. Configured on Amazon Connect.
Admin Neon Admin Neon’s Admin application for managing admin users and creating/configuring Neon instances.
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