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NEON Softphone


NEON Softphone is designed to run as a standalone softphone or support embedding within CRMs. The smaller window is useful if don’t want NEON to take up the majority of your screen.

Using NEON Softphone

Shrink the browser to below 800px width to use the softphone.

To get back to the Desktop view, drag the browser to more than 800px width.

By default, NEON will automatically choose the view based on your window size.

Softphone features

Most features on the desktop view of NEON are available in the softphone. However, there are currently a few things you won’t be able to view. Here’s a high-level list of what you and can’t do: 

✔️ Tasks: Chat, Calls (including conferences) & Agent Tasks

✔️ Transfers: Transfer to queues, agents & external numbers

✔️ Attached Data: Extra information in tasks

✔️ ACW: After contact work

✔️ Interaction History: Agent records of previous interactions

✔️Agent Stats: Real-time stats for agent queues

✔️ Directory: Personal/company contacts & dialpad

Customer Profiles


If you are using Customer Profiles, Dashboards or Wallboard on the desktop view, then change to softphone view, you will see a page like this. Follow the instructions to go back to your previous page.

NEON softphone now supports being embedded within Salesforce and other web-based CRMs. Contact CloudWave to discuss options.

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