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NEON Users

Listing Users

Connect users are listed on the NEON instance users page. A NEON user is marked with a green Yes badge under the NEON User column.

Inviting A New NEON User

An Administrator can invite a Connect user to NEON by ticking a user row and clicking the + button in the top right hand corner.

The first name and last name are populated from the Amazon Connect user record. The role is assigned as Agent by default but can be changed to Administrator.

One or more metrics groups can also be assigned.

Note: a metric group can only be assigned if tailored dashboards are selected.

Once saved, the page redirects back to the users list page where the user’s NEON User status will be updated.

Editing & Deleting A Neon User

A Neon user can be edited by clicking the pencil icon or deleted by clicking the bin icon in the top right.

A user can be edited with a form that is similar to the addition form. For deletion, a dialog will be shown to confirm as shown below.

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