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Operational Parameters


Operational Parameters allow for contact centres to parameterise and store configurations of complex flows in Amazon Connect. This will be handled by specific key/value pair and data types that can be set via the NEONNOW Admin application.

Operational Parameters are separate from the actual call flows, which allows the contact flows to be data-driven, making them more efficient and easier to manage.

Admin can config Custom Schedules in the admin > settings > Operations >Operational Parameters.

Add a New Parameter

When config for the first time, click the ” Add a New Parameter ” button.

or you already have some parameters, click the “New Parameter” button to add a new parameter.

The configuration gives information about lambda ARN and the format of Lambda Body Parameters.

Note:  If any of the fields above are incorrect, or your parameter doesn’t exist, your contact flow will receive an error response.

Choose the data type of the parameter:

  • True/False

  • Text

  • Number

  • Phone Number
  • Queue

Fill Out the Name, Description and Value and click Save to save the Parameter.

You should be able to see the newly created Parameter in the table below.

To modify the parameter, simply click on the “…” option.

Click “Disable” to disable the parameter.

Click “Edit” to edit the parameter.

Click”Delete” to delete the parameter.

Retrieve a value

Here is an example of how Flows can be used to retrieve a value.

1 . To configure the Invoke AWS Lambda Function node, please follow these steps:

  • In the Function ARN drop-down, copy the lambda ARN in the configuration part
  • Add a Function Input Parameter,  setting the Destination Key of contackCentreId and a Value of demo
  • Add a second Input Parameter, setting Destination Key of parameterNames and a value of the name you want to retrieve the current value of, we will use the previously created parameter “TEXT”.
  • Set the Timeout to 8 seconds
  • For Response validation, choose JSON.

2 . In the Check Contact Attributes node settings:

  • Set Type to External (i.e. you want to check an attribute returned from the last Lambda function).
  • Set Attribute to check, the Namespace choose System and Value choose Channel.
  • Under the conditions to check, populate conditions appropriate to the values you are using in your configured Flow Control, here we will use chat for example.


3. For play prompt, config as below.

Afterwards, we can access the dashboard and use the chat channel to verify if the value we assigned to the parameter “TEXT” can be retrieved.

choose Test Settings and choose the contact flow you just created.

Click the icon to start a chat, and you should receive the value from the parameter.


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