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Add on’s – Concierge

CloudWave Concierge has been designed to allow contact centres to augment and steer their customers’ contact centre voice channel experience with an easy-to-configure natural language understanding (NLU)
“open menu” IVR.

E.g. “Hi! Welcome to Our Company; how can we help you today…”

Concierge gives the contact centre operation the ability to design the interaction with the caller and the required Actions (call steering such as routing decisions or deflecting to non-voice channels) based on what the customer says. The design of the caller experience can be changed dynamically, without IT help, in response to real-world external events.

E.g. Instant deployment of a targeted banner, disseminating info ONLY to callers reporting to be calling about a product recall, and not to other callers.

Concierge provides an easy to use interface to show contact centre managers what callers are saying, and a simple way to action the next caller who says that phrase (or similar phrases). The solution is based on four key pieces of information:

  1. Prompt – What Concierge says to the caller

  2. Response – What a caller has said

  3. Intent – What the designer, or Concierge has determined the caller is wanting

  4. Action – What action to take for a specific intent

Prompts are generated using state of the art Text to Speech – they can be changed on the fly, no waiting for voice talents or recording studios. Responses are linked to an Intent through configuration either specifically, or interpreted by Concierge, with that particular Intent triggering certain action to take. No software engineering required. Actions are configured to provide the next step of the caller experience. Actions include – transfer, play a banner, ask for information, ask a question. Calls transferred to an agent display the caller’s previous interactions with verbatim caller responses, giving the agent instant control of the call.

Before we get started a brief example and the introduction to a couple of further features to assist the following sections.

Simple Example


1st Prompt “How can I help you today?”

Intent: Missing Delivery

Actions: Play “We are experiencing heavy load in dispatch today. I’ll transfer you to an agent” Transfer to Agent.

Customer Experience:

Concierge Prompt: “How can I help you today ?”

Caller: “I was expecting a delivery and it hasn’t arrived”

(Concierge Intent: Missing delivery)

Concierge Prompt: “We are experiencing heavy load in dispatch today. I’ll transfer you to an agent.” Concierge Actions: Transfers call to agent, and displays to the agent “I was expecting a delivery and it hasn’t arrived”

Agent: I understand you are missing an expected delivery. Let me see if we can find it….”

Concierge Supported Actions

The following actions are supported in Concierge to support various use cases:

  • Call Steering

  • Deflection to SMS or Chat

  • IDV with Voice Biometrics

  • IDV with Customer Database or CRM

  • Web / Voice Forms

  • Surveys

  • Store Details

  • Receptionist

  • Photo Taker

To add Concierge, please get in touch with us at sales@cloudwave.com.au.

Add on’s – Conversations

CloudWave Conversations is an AI-powered chatbot that delivers automated customer service at scale to help your business maximise revenue, reduce costs and better engage customers.

Our easy-to-use tools empower you to design, build, test and deploy sophisticated chatbots in record time, shortening time-to-value and allowing you to realise ROI almost immediately.

With Conversations, eliminate mundane, low-value repetitive tasks and free up staff to focus on more meaningful work to improve employee experience. Happy staff create better experiences for your customers.

There are four steps for the implementation and management of Conversations:

  • Design: A design workshop kicks off the project where you build a character persona and the conversations required to effectively connect with your users.

  • Build: Our specialist conversation designers then get to work to build the chatbot we’ve designed for you on the Conversations platform.

  • Launch: This is then tested, iterated, and then launched onto your chosen conversation channels. Watch your engagement scores climb.

  • Manage: Just like a human employee, an AI chatbot learns over time, so we’ll be there to support the success of your project along the way.

To add Conversations, please contact us at sales@cloudwave.com.au.

Add on’s Workforce management

NeonNow can be integrated with various Workforce Management and Optimisation products.  Select this option if you want the CloudWave team to reach out and consult with you on using one of our 3 providers, Verint, Calabrio or Nimbus.

Add on’s – Email

Amazon Connect does not have Email as a native channel today; however, the email functionality is coming soon in NeonNow, which will support both inbound and outbound emails with queueing, auto-reply, attachment and email search capabilities.

To enable Email channel, please contact us at sales@cloudwave.com.au.

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