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Softphone Agent Tasks


  • An agent task is a unit of work that an agent must complete.
  • This includes work that may have originated in external applications. It’s routed, prioritised, assigned, and tracked like voice and chat.

Creating an agent task

  • An agent can create a new agent task (if enabled in Amazon Connect) by clicking the “create a task” button or the icon on top of the sidebar.

Add Agent Task

The following fields will be displayed in the window:

  • Name – Title of the task
  • Description – Detail of what the task is and information to assist the agent in completing the task
  • References – task Reference name and the URL to the Real-time details page
  • Queue – This assigns the task to a queue
  • Agent – Assign the task directly to an agent
  • Date/Time – Set the date & time for the task to commence (Note: If the date/time is left empty and the agent clicks save, Task will be scheduled immediately otherwise the task will commence at the set date and time.)

Incoming Task

  • When assigned a task, agents see a notification.
  • Click the green icon to accept the task.

Active Agent Task

  • Agents can see the name of the task, the description of the task, and links to any applications that they might need to complete the task.

  • Agents can transfer the task to another contact directory.

  • Agents can also transfer the task to another queue.

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