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Softphone Profile

Agent status

  • Changing agent status can be done by clicking the Profile.


Status Available

  • When status is in Available, you are ready to start receiving tasks such as calls, chats and agent tasks.

Status Busy

  • You will automatically be placed in Busy state whilst currently working on a task such as on a call with a customer.
  • Alternatively, you can set yourself to Busy status manually.
  • When the status is Busy, you will not be able to receive new incoming tasks.

Status Offline

  • When status is in Offline, you will not be able to receive incoming tasks.

Custom Status

  • You can also choose custom statuses such as lunch in the screenshot
  • You can see how long you have been in the current custom status from the away time in the menu bar.


  • Click on the profile icon and open prefrences as shown below:

  • You will have the option to customise the following fields:


  • You will have the option to use phone as soft phone or desk phone.
  • Soft phone – a piece of software that allows the user to make telephone calls over the internet


  • Desk phone – A wired tabletop telephone. Also called a “desktop phone.” To use desk phone click on the dropdown menu, select “desk phone” type desk phone number and click save.


  • Call/ Chat Ringtone – Change the ringtone for incoming tasks for Soft Phone (You can preview the selected ringtone by clicking the play icon next to the ringtone.)

Audio Devices

  • Speaker – Change speaker output device (Computer speaker, headset etc)
  • Microphone – Select Microphone device to be used (Computer in-built microphone, headset etc)
  • Ringer – Select the device for the ringtone to be played (Computer in-built speaker, headset etc)

Help Docs

  • Click Help Docs to NEON Help Center.

Download Logs

  • Click the Download Logs to download the agent logs.

Sign Out

  • Click Sign Out to log out from NEON.


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